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World Leisure Day 2021 Testimonials

Testimonial by Giseli Mara Schena – Leisure Manager – Regional Department – Sesc Santa Catarina.

“As soon as we received in the DR/SC Leisure Program the invitation to join the “World Leisure Day from the National Department and DR/SP”, we set out a plan. We started by forming a “Creative Group” composed of colleagues from the Leisure (Physical-Sports Development, Recreation, Social Tourism) and Culture (Library and Art and Culture course) areas. The creation of the group was fundamental for the dialogue and definition of the program. The DR Communication team was involved in the whole process.”

Testimonial from Cleusa Ramalho de Oliveira, a client who participated in the “Affective memories about tours and the importance of Leisure for the elders” workshop:

“Participating in the Sesc Tourism’s workshop makes us remember happy moments, outings, experiences that have marked our lives. Looking at a photo in the album or a small object on a shelf makes us go down memory lane and relive joyful, pleasant moments. One of the trips to Sesc Nogueira in Petrópolis was like that for me. These affective memories adorn our souls and nourish our hearts. Thanks, Sesc! ”

Testimonials about the live stream on Hotel Sesc Alpina’s Instagram account about the theme: “Public leisure spaces in Teresópolis”. Mediated by Bruno Ferreira Cattaruzzi, guest: Marcela do Nascimento Padilha, Prof. of the Tourism Department at UERJ:

Clara Lemos, 37 years old:

“Congratulations to Sesc-RJ for carrying out such an important program. Citizens in any city around the country need to know that having access to various leisure practices is their right.

Sesc, although not a public entity, is an entity that promotes leisure activities and has a fundamental role in its development.

In the context of the city of Teresópolis, the discussion about this topic is very pertinent, both for the analysis of the present situation as well as the perspectives for the future regarding the access to different leisure practices in public spaces ”.

Rodrigo Lahr, 39 years old:

“What a sensational theme! When talking about public spaces in Teresópolis, everything was very clear, and the certainty that public spaces should be cared for by everyone. Congratulations! I hope you offer more live streams addressing the theme, which will contribute a lot to the population. Thank you.”

Testimonial about the Marathon of Physical Activities at Sesc Rio:
Maria da Glória Hissa and Mary Lucia Hissa – Students at Sesc Copacabana:

“The World Leisure Day promoted by Sesc offered diversified, fun activities. Right after the marathon, we had an excellent relaxation class led by Instructor Cláudio Rocha from Sesc Quitandinha, which calmed both body and mind, deeply touching everyone who took part in it.”